Womens Circle

There is a place for you at American.  Women of all demographics meet in monthly meetings to share life and learn from their structured lesson time.  There are meeting times from day hours to evening hours and we hope to connect with you on a personal level.  Our ladies circles have created life long friendships and we are always welcoming new friends.  Look for a women's circle book or ask the church office for one.  The book explains each group meeting time and the roles our women have in the church to maintain things such as prayer chains, kitchen activities, funeral luncheons, nursery and many more.  We would love to have you join us.
Contact: Mary Kucharick for further information.


Mens ministry

Saturdays are for the boys.  6 am you will find a group of men in fellowship and mentoring each other in life. 


sunday evening Bible study

Do you want an intimate group to worship with.  We have just the space for you.  Please join us in the Consistory Room at 6pm on Sunday Evenings.
Contact: Roger Knip


faith fit yoga

Is your faith fit?  If your life is like ours it is far from what we desire and so is our personal fitness.  FaithFit provide a faith based atmosphere to promote health, happiness, and wellbeing in our community.  Being that the body is the temple, we strive to nurture our health while bringing our participants closer to Christ through yoga. We welcome all levels of yoga students. Join us Tuesday evenings at 6 or 7:15 pm.
Contact: Christy Nelms or find us on Facebook @FaithFitYoga