Welcome Jon Ottinger

2.18.18 is a special day in the life of Mr. Jon Ottinger.  We are able to celebrate with him and his wife Diane (Peterson) Ottinger in both his baptism and profession of faith.  American Reformed welcomes you as a full member of our congregation and a disciple of the Lord.  We celebrate with you and your family on this very special occasion.  Below is Jon's story he shared. 

"I grew up not really going to church.  When I went to college, I met Diane and she talked me into going to church with her.  That started my interest in God.  Every time I came to visit Diane, we would go to church.  What really started to change things for me was when I wrecked my semi.  It made me realize I wanted a closer relationship with God.  I started to go to church every week and spent more time reading the Bible.  I felt I was then ready to take the next step in my relationship and profess my faith."


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