Movement Sunday

Movement has been taking big steps “Forward” to help grow their spiritual lives with Jesus. As Movement was coming to a wrap until next fall, the teens led a church service based off of Moving Forward in our spiritual lives. They chose this topic because they wanted to enforce how vital it is to have Jesus in your life and to live for Him. Many of the teens shared how moving closer to Christ has changed their lives. Junior, Kristy Kohlhagen, shared with the congregation the parable of the good sower and about taking all of the weeds out of our lives so we can grow better with Christ.  6th grader, Katelyn Kros, took a big leap of faith and spoke about not letting fear get in the way of growing in Christ. Junior, Hope Zylstra, spoke about trusting in God, as Peter did when he walked on water.  Pastor Rob would like all of the seniors to know, “Make Christ your priority. Chase after Him and live boldly for Him. You have one chance at this life, make it count.” So to wrap up; Movement is doing ecstatic things and the fun doesn’t stop there. Here are a couple of dates to remember: Great America- August 1st, Hangout (game day)@ Church August 18th.

Written by Katlyn Kohlhagen